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Werewolves of London in 2019 Empty Werewolves of London in 2019

Post by Paladin (ST1) on Mon Dec 24, 2018 12:14 pm

Welcome to the fourth year of Werewolves of London!

This announcement is to outline expectations, some changes and how we see the year going.

Firstly, we plan to conclude the game overall meta story this year, with the last game in either September, October or November, depending on how player actions unfold the story.

Player Characters in the game are those Uratha who have a destiny and/or ability to use their connection to the legend of King Arthur to solve the damage to London and/or restore order.

This means that this year reasons for gathering in a single place may involve some Deus Ex Machina, with destiny pulling the appropriate Uratha to a location, etc. While we hope you’ll bring your character to these, you are more than welcome to decide that your character wouldn’t attend. In that case, we will work with you to provide an NPC to play. We would encourage you to allow your character to follow destiny to the game location - and then take actions to change the course of destiny if need be!

This also means that if desired your character can choose to join an NPC pack. Note that NPC characters won’t have as large an effect on the story ending and they may not even be available when you need them at games. Choose this option carefully.

The situation in the city has changed with the advent of the New Year, with an upswing in Spiritual Activity and new NPC packs of werewolves setting up territory in London.

Spirit Courts and NPC Packs can be negotiated with to provide benefit, whether active or passive. Being well regarded by these groups is likely to assist in Endgame actions.

We will be offering increased XP rewards for this last year of the game. All characters below 200xp will be set to 200xp. All characters will earn double XP until they hit 500, at which point it's as per normal.

Finally, we would like to run pack-sized scenes as a part of our games this year. Most likely these will be missions designed to unlock the remaining Arthurian legacy, assigned to characters by allies or that become obvious based on the game’s premise. That said, characters can also choose to instigate a mission like this and we encourage you to do so with a view to resolving the game as the final plot unfolds.


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