The Blessing of Mother Luna (Given by Peg)

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The Blessing of Mother Luna (Given by Peg) Empty The Blessing of Mother Luna (Given by Peg)

Post by Paladin (ST1) on Tue Dec 08, 2015 8:56 pm

For those present at the first game, and who received the blessing of Mother Luna from Peg, you have the option to purchase the following merit this month, and this month only, for the normal cost of 2xp.
In the case of your PC being a wolf-blood, you can wait until your first change to spend that XP and add the merit to your character.

Auspice Blessing

Whenever your character can see her auspice moon — or at least where it should be in the sky — she is filled with confidence in the role that Luna has given her. Irraka slip that little bit more silently when the new moon is out, and Elodoth argue that bit more eloquently when bathed in the light of the half-moon. You gain a +1 equipment bonus to one Auspice Skill when your auspice moon is in the sky. This Skill must be rated ●● or higher.

Drawback: the character must be able to see where the moon is in the sky to take advantage of this Merit. So, clouds don't interfere but buildings do. If the moon is below horizon the place directly above it in the sky must be seen.

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