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Houserule: Fetishes & Fetish Creation Empty Houserule: Fetishes & Fetish Creation

Post by Paladin (ST1) on Sat Jun 10, 2017 3:30 pm

All fetishes require the approval of the GM Team, even if they are fetishes that are described in the various WoD rulebooks. To make a fetish requires a request for approval first.
For creating custom fetishes, we will be using the rules from Lore of the Forsaken (pg 147) as guidelines for powers/capabilities, however GM decision applies at end of day.  You are welcome to request powers outside those listed.

Fetish creation is a complex process involving research, dealing with spirits and carrying out rites.

Step 1: Research.
Know what you are making/working with.  
Extended* Draw Int+Occult, needing 2+3x where x is the level of the Fetish.  *Each action is 7 draws, being a week of research, success accumulate.  Multiple research actions may be taken in a single month, however as these are extra actions, action penalties will apply.
Fetish Level 1-3:If you have made this fetish before you do not need to carry out his step.
Fetish Level 4-5: this draw still applies as research to find an appropriate spirit is still required.

Note that to complete Step 1, you do not need to know the Fetish Ritual, nor do you need to have Rituals. All that is required is the Int Occult draw, some specialties may apply, and some penalties may apply, depending on the nature of the Fetish you desire.
If you complete Step 1, you are able to pass this knowledge to someone who knows the Fetish Creation Rite to complete Step 2.

Step 2: Creation.
This step involves finding/summoning the spirit and then carrying out the Fetish Creation rite. Note that a spirit for a Fetish is most commonly the exact same rank as the Fetish.
Extended Draw Harmony, needing 15+10x, where x is the level of the Fetish, see Rite for applicable bonuses
Fetish Level Equal to or Lower than the Ritualist’s Spirit Rank: Action Required, GM Team will draw for you.
Fetish Level Higher than the Ritualist’s Spirit Rank: Action & Scene Required, as the spirit you are looking for will be quite powerful.

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