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Approved Gift Lists Empty Approved Gift Lists

Post by Paladin (ST1) on Wed Nov 04, 2015 8:50 pm

List Name - Affinity - Sourcebook

Alpha Gifts - Storm Lords - Rage p107-108
Battle Gifts - Blood Talons - Rage p108-110
Blending Gifts - Iron Masters - Rage p111
Blood Gifts None - Lore p116-117
Bone Gifts - None - Lore p117-119
City Gifts - None - Lore p119-121
Crescent Moon Gifts - Ithaeur - WtF p104-106
Darkness Gifts - None - Rage p112-114
Death Gifts - Bone Shadows - WtF p106-109
Dominance Gifts - Rahu, Storm Lords - WtF p109-110
Dreamer’s Moon Gifts - Cahalith - Lore p83-85
Elemental Gifts - Ithaeur, Hunters in Darkness - WtF p111-112
Ending Gifts - Bone Shadows - Rage p114-116
Endurance Gifts - None - Rage p117-118
Evasion Gifts - Irraka, Storm Lords - WtF p113-114
Father Wolf’s Gifts - All Werewolves - WtF p115
Full Moon Gifts - Rahu - WtF p116-117
Gibbous Moon Gifts - Cahalith - WtF p117-119
Halcyon Gifts - Storm Lords - BotW p84-85
Half Moon Gifts - Elodoth - WtF p120-121
Information Gifts - None - Rage p118-120
Insight Gifts - Elodoth, Bone Shadows - WtF p122-124
Inspiration Gifts - Cahalith, Blood Talons - WtF p125-126
Judge’s Moon Gifts - Elodoth - Lore p86-88
Knowledge Gifts - Cahalith, Iron Masters - WtF p126-127
Mother Luna’s Gifts - All Werewolves - WtF p128-129
Nature Gifts - Hunters in Darkness - WtF p130-131
New Moon Gifts - Irraka - WtF p132-133
Pack Gifts - None - Rage p121-p123
Predator Gifts - None - Rage p123-125
Rage Gifts - Blood Talons - WtF p134-136
Shaping Gifts - Ithaeur, Iron Masters - WtF p137-139
Stalker’s Moon Gifts - Irraka - Lore p88-89
Stalking Gifts - Hunters in Darkness - Rage p125-126
Stealth Gifts - Irraka, Hunters in Darkness - WtF p139-140
Strength Gifts - Rahu, Blood Talons - WtF p141-142
Technology Gifts - Iron Masters - WtF p142-144
Warding Gifts - Elodoth, Bone Shadows - WtF p144-145
Warrior’s Moon Gifts - Rahu - Lore p90-91
Weakness Gifts - None - Rage p127-129
Weather Gifts - Storm Lords - WtF p146-147
Witch’s Moon Gifts - Ithaeur - Lore p91-93

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Approved Gift Lists Empty Gifts Errata

Post by Paladin (ST1) on Fri Nov 20, 2015 12:17 am

The following post contains the updated text of any gifts that we are house ruling for balance issues.

Full Moon (3): Death Grip
Reflexive on a successful bite attack initiated while in a grapple.
Success: The Werewolf’s opponent takes a -3 penalty to escape the grapple by normal means (gifts still work as normal) until the Werewolf’s next turn.
The Werewolf also gets a +3 bonus to initiate a bite manoeuvre next turn.
This gift is usable only in Urhan, Urshul or Gauru form.

Warrior's Moon (1): Warrior's Insight
Reflexive action.
The Rahu with this gift is able to reuse their Warrior's Eye auspice ability as often as they wish, at no further cost. This includes using the ability on the same target more than once per game.

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