Auspices: The Blessing of Mother Luna

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Auspices: The Blessing of Mother Luna Empty Auspices: The Blessing of Mother Luna

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Note: Rules are still being finalised. STs reserve the right to alter the following.

While Luna is the mother of all Uratha, only the Forsaken receive her blessing in the form of their Auspice. Depending upon their habits and personality they will attract Luna's attention during one of her five aspects. Under her gaze, or perhaps because of it, they will undergo their First Change and be forever tied to one of her faces, drawing strength and purpose from her.

Rahu - Those who Change under the Full Moon
Those who are warriors, first and foremost, gather Luna's attention whenever she faces the world fully. Whether meeting an enemy on the field of battle with tooth and claw or rising to the challenge of some other adversity, Rahu are passionate and relentless in their pursuit of victory at any cost.

  • Primary Renown: Purity
  • Affinity Gift Lists: Dominance, Full Moon, Strength, Warrior's Moon
  • Auspice Ability: Warrior’s Eye. Once per hour, a Rahu can attempt to “read” a foe, determining who is the superior warrior. The player draws Wits + Primal Urge; success indicates that the werewolf can roughly tell whether the threat is stronger or weaker than he is, while an exceptional success grants more understanding of the gap between the two. The warrior’s eye takes into account only those abilities that might affect a direct fight. This ability can only be used on the same target once per game.

Cahalith - Those who Change under the Gibbous Moon
Dreamers, seers, storytellers, and care-givers. Those who look beyond themselves attract Luna's notice whenever she shows the world a more relaxed mood. They are the visionaries, entertainers, and scholars who care as much, if not more, for others than themselves.

  • Primary Renown: Glory
  • Affinity Gift Lists: Dreamer's Moon, Gibbous Moon, Inspiration, Knowledge
  • Auspice Ability: Prophetic Dreams. At the beginning of each game, the player will receive from the STs a dream or vision of prophecy,
    providing some clue about the challenges facing the Cahalith. This portent of the future usually comes in dreams, but can also strike the Cahalith when they are in the middle of plying their artful craft, such as writing or singing. The future is always veiled in some form of symbolism that the character must interpret.

Elodoth - Those who Change under the Half Moon
The fair and just, open-minded and objective are the only ones who can earn Luna's concern whenever she begins to turn away from the world. They seek balance and perspective, never content with only one viewpoint or simple answers, making them ideal judges, investigators, and diplomats.

  • Primary Renown: Honour
  • Affinity Gift Lists: Half Moon, Insight, Judge's Moon, Warding
  • Auspice Ability: Spirit Envoy. An Elodoth automatically gains +2 to any Empathy, Expression, Persuasion or Politics draw made to negotiate with spirits. Note that this does not apply if the character is threatening towards the spirits, as it is based on the Elodoth's ability to perceive the issue from the spirit’s side as well.

Ithaeur - Those who Change under the Crescent Moon
It has been said that the occult mysteries of the world can only be viewed from the corner of one's eye and it is when Luna does just this that she will clearly see the mystics among the Uratha. These individuals are the ritemasters and ritualists who gather secrets, lore, and wisdom from the Hisil.

  • Primary Renown: Wisdom
  • Affinity Gift Lists: Crescent Moon, Elemental, Shaping, Witch's Moon
  • Auspice Ability: Ritual Master. Ithaeur purchase the Rituals trait and rites at reduced experience cost. When buying Rituals, an Ithaeur pays the new dots x 4 in XP. An Ithaeur who buys rites with experience points need only spend XP equal to the rite dots. (See Rites, WtF p147)

Irraka - Those who Change under the New Moon
Trickery, deceit, and cunning are the qualities that will meet Luna's approval when she hides herself from the world. Able to blend in to their surroundings or even disappear completely, wherever they may, and fool even the most discerning eyes, the best trackers, scouts, spies, and stalkers find their First Change under this Auspice.

  • Primary Renown: Cunning
  • Affinity Gift Lists: Evasion, New Moon, Stalker's Moon, Stealth
  • Auspice Ability: Pathfinder’s Sense. As scouts for the Forsaken, the Irraka have an easier time recognizing spirit influence. Irraka receive +2 to the draw to look from one world to the next or to perceive ephemeral spirits (see “Dual Senses”, WtF p. 252), or +3 on the draw to determine in which direction a locus lies while within its area of influence.


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